Many such institutes in India teach digital marketing and some trainers teach and teach digital marketing to people in a very good way.

Today will talk about Top 5 Digital Marketing Trainers In India and they know who is spreading awareness about digital marketing within India and people have learned digital marketing in a good way.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trainers In India Biographies

There are many Digital Marketing trainers in India.

But today we will only know about 5 most knowledgeable trainers.

We will tell about the Trainers Bio.

1.            Mr. Dinesh Jangid

2.            Mr. Rohit Kharayat

3.            Mr. Hari Babu Dondapati

4.            Mr. Pranav Parekh

5.            Mr. Kanishk Matta

1. Mr. Dinesh Jangid

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trainers In India
A Digital Success Creator
  • Real Name –  Dinesh Jangid
  • Profession – Digital Marketer Trainer / Consultant
  • Age – 28 Years (As in 2019)
  • Famous For – CEO of HSDM, CO-founder of Edge Digital media
  • Date of Birth/Birthday – 5 September 1992
  • Birthplace – Jaipur(Rajasthan)
  • Hometown – Delhi
  • Nationality – Hindu (Indian)

Dinesh Jangid is a professional digital marketing trainer with experience of more than 8 years. He was born on 5 September 1992 and He is also the founder of HSDM (Haryana School Of Digital Marketing) and Co-founder of edge digital media private limited let us know, How Dinesh Jangid became a successful entrepreneur by crossing over from his struggling life.

Who is Dinesh Jangid?

Dinesh Jangid is 28 years old (in 2019) a successful entrepreneur.

He is also the founder of the Haryana School of Digital Marketing and co-founder of Edge Digital Media Private Limited.

Dinesh Jangid is also a professional digital market trainer and self-made entrepreneur. Dinesh Jangid was not very good in studies and he failed in 6th grade due to his circle of friends, after failing in 6th grade, the real struggling chapter of Dinesh Jangid has started.

These are the only digital marketing trainers of all India who provide digital marketing training to every student in a good way.

He has a lot of knowledge of digital marketing.

He has 8 years of digital marketing experience.

If we want to know everything about them, then we can easily know, because it is a very settled person.

Digital Marketing Agency in Jaipur

Dinesh Jangid’s writing skills are too good, so he gets an invitation from Google event there he meets Rohit Kharayat and then both started the digital marketing institute in Hisar

Haryana School of Digital Marketing (HSDM) and thereafter, they also start their own digital marketing agency in Jaipur.

Mr. Dinesh Jangid’s Website:

2. Rohit Kharayat

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trainers In India
Great Personality
  • Real Name – Rohit Kharayat
  • Profession – Digital Marketer Trainer / Consultant
  • Age – 25 Years
  • Famous For – CO-founder of HSDM, CO-founder of Edge Digital media
  • Date of Birth/Birthday – 1995
  • Birthplace – Hisar(Haryana)
  • Hometown – Hisar
  • Nationality – Hindu (Indian)

If you are looking for a Best Digital Marketing Consultant / Trainer in Jaipur, a famous name is always recommended to you, that name is Rohit Kharayat.

He is ranked number 1 on the list of a top digital marketing consultant in Jaipur with his high experience and very good digital marketing skills.

About Rohit Kharayat

These are his major attractions, which he tops in the list of Digital Marketing Consultant:

He has been increasing his experience in digital marketing for 6 years.

Rohit Ji is a good digital marketing expert with a lot of learning skills.

The candidates who want to join the Digital Marketing course always choose them first.

He is the master of:

social media Marketing

email marketing

lead generation

Google Advertising

Google Analytics

affiliate marketing



content marketing

mobile marketing

Keyword research


 I recommend Rohit Kharayat Ji as a digital marketing consultant if you need these.

3. Hari Babu Dondapati

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trainers In India
Great Speaker

Hari Babu Dondapati is a name in digital marketing that is famous for digital marketing training and services in Hyderabad.

He was born on 6 September in Hyderabad.

He has a master’s degree in business studies.

So far, they have given training in digital marketing to more than 1000 students.

He has a very good experience of SEO, SMO, PPC, SEM and has more than 25 websites of his own.

4. Pranav Parekh

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trainers In India
Good Person/Trainer

He is an enthusiastic digital marketing trainer.

Who are eager for trained, job seekers, professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and others in various aspects of digital marketing, helping them in their job, career or business to get the best results from their digital marketing strategy.

They provide training in various aspects of digital marketing such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, SEO, Email Marketing, Digital Strategy & Planning, and various related entities.

They have trained them to help them complete their digital quests at various institutions through online, on-demand courses and classroom training through professionals on various mediums.

They are also a visiting faculty in business schools/colleges, which have trained management students.


He has worked in the digital marketing industry for 6.5+ years and has worked with various organizations in education, entertainment, real estate, e-commerce, human resources, and other fields.

5. Kanishk Matta

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trainers In India
Great Trainer

As a digital marketing expert

In 2009, he started as a freelance content writer but gradually shifted to digital marketing consultancy.

His journey as a consultant has allowed him to not only earn but to learn and gain practical digital marketing knowledge.


He has never diminished theoretical and books knowledge, and yet, is a major contributor to his career development.

He has helped over 100 companies and startups in almost all industries.


He has worked extensively in education, e-commerce and real estate in India.

As a digital marketing trainer

Learning, research, mentoring and training are an intrinsic part of their lives.

It is out of love, not a compulsion that it is in digital marketing training.

They like to connect and learn from people who have ideas. Apart from this, they like to share the knowledge that directly enhances and enhances their life sphere.

As an instructor, he has conducted digital marketing sessions at Delhi University, TimesPro, IP University, IMS Ghaziabad, Digimon, and Learning Skills. It is also a visiting faculty at NIESBUD Noida (Central Government Body). He has also organized corporate digital marketing training sessions for his clients.

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we can say that out of all the trainers that exist in India, these 5 trainers are the best and most knowledgeable, after learning from the trainers, there will be no one who has never been successful because learning from them After every person succeeds he reaches a high point.

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