Do you know the topmost bloggers in India?

Today we will learn about the top 10 Indian bloggers here.

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My name is Shubham Soni and I am a blogger and YouTuber.

Today, I will give you information about India’s Top Most, Top 10 Indian Bloggers.

So that you will develop the inspiration for blogging.

By the way, there are many bloggers in India who blogging with WordPress or Blogspot.

Today there are many blogs and bloggers ranging from technology to travel.

Even bloggers write blogs related to blogging tips for novice bloggers.

Today there are many bloggers who earn a lot of money from blogging.

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Below are the list and information of the top 10 Indian bloggers

  • Amit Agarwal
  • Harsh Agarwal
  • Kulwant Negi
  • Pritam Nagrale
  • Sharda Sharma
  • Arun Prabhudesai
  • Nandini Shenoy
  • Anand Khanse 
  • Abhijeet Mukherjee
  • Navrattan Singh

Amit Aggarwal

Top 10 Indian Bloggers
Amit Aggarwal

Amit Aggarwal is a famous blogger.

This is the 1st blogger of India.

He gave people a good platform to earn in the form of blogging.

He started writing a blog related to tech.

They have a lot of interest in technology.

Amit Aggarwal is an inspirational name in the blogging world.

He received an engineering degree in computer science from IIT.

Amit has been a very good and topping student.

He was from a business family.

He has worked with many large companies.

He quit his job for blogging.

Amit has also been nominated in the awards for blogs related to Tech.

Amit developed many web apps and Google add ons.

He is also a noted speaker of technology and blogging.

His blog has been viewed more than 3 million times every month.

Microsoft honored Amit Agarwal with the very original award for 5 consecutive years.

He is also a good writer of the e-book.

In 2010, Amit formed the India Blog School.

He was highly praised by many big newspapers.

Amit is very fond of technology.

They believe in spreading knowledge rather than keeping it secret.

If they wanted, they could join their family business, but they chose only blogging.

Amit Aggarwal has written very good blogs on Tech.

Please visit their blog once and see.

Their Global Alexa Rank is 16,041 and Indian Alexa Rank is 3,628.

They earn more than $ 60,000 every month from Adsense.

Their domain authority is 77/100.

Amit Agarwal Blog: Labnol

Harsh Agarwal

Top 10 Indian Bloggers
Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal is one such blogger who is very famous.

She is a very young blogger.

He started his blogging first with Blogspot.

Gradually he converted his blog to WordPress by purchasing a domain and hosting in about 2 months.

Where his real struggle life started.

But Harsh did not lose courage and kept working so that his blog started coming in the rankings.

His blog of ShoutMeLoud became very famous and due to this Harsh Agarwal became a brand name.

Harsh is also a very good speaker.

They do many training programs, WordCamp, seminars, etc.

Many people come from far and wide to hear them.

Harsh Agarwal skydiving, bungee jumping, traveling, blogging and also learning new things.

Now know about his blog (ShoutMeLoud) –

His blog is for online marketing knowledge.

In this, they teach online about blogging, WordPress, social media marketing, SEO, etc.

Funds for marketing and marketing of the website are also taught. This is a great learning platform for every businessman, student, freelancer, etc.

On this blog, you will find SEO related tools, tips, etc. which will be of great use to you.

Their Global Alexa Rank is 14,215 and Indian Alexa Rank is 1,806.

Domain authority is 68/100 and more than 2 million visitors per month.

They earn more than $ 50,000 every month through affiliate marketing and AdSense.

Do visit Harsh Agarwal’s blog once by visiting.

Harsh Agarwal Blog: ShoutMeLoud

Kulwant Nagi

Top 10 Indian Bloggers
Kulwant Nagi

Kulwant Nagi is a very good person and blogger.

Their blogs are such that everyone will want to read them till the end.

He is a professional blogger and affiliate marketer.

He is now 31 (in 2020).

He belongs to the state of Haryana as he is from the Fatehabad district of Haryana.

His life completely changed when he became a blogger.

From a small town to becoming a big blogger, the journey was very nice and happy.

Kulwant started his blog BloggingCage on 15 January 2012.

After that, with great effort and efforts, your blog got a top ranking.

Kulwant gives blogging tips to new bloggers in his blog and also teaches about affiliate marketing.

He can be called a blogger, author, affiliate marketer, and a world traveler.

Kulwant started his blog to solve the problem of today’s new bloggers.

If you read his blog, then you know that blogging is very easy.

They have traveled to more than 20 countries so far.

Kulwant has also met Neil Patel, the biggest blogger in digital marketing.

He is from Fatehabad, a small district of Haryana state (India) and has done his 10th from here.

When he was 16 years old, he was sent out to study further and it was from here that his life began to change.

Outside, he learned a lot and gathered experience.

In 2006, he completed his college studies from Haryana.

Kulwant has been very good in studies and had also received an $ 11,000 scholarship from the US.

His blogs inspire me a lot.

Once you read his blog, definitely see that you will experience yourself how good blogs he writes.

Kulwant Nagi Blog: BloggingCage

Pritam Nagrale

Top 10 Indian Bloggers
Pritam Nagrale

Pritam Nagrale is a great entrepreneur and blogger.

Pritam had learned and started making money online since 2004.

They are also great affiliate marketers.

He started earning from AdSense since 2007.

Pritam started blogging in 2009.

Tech blogs were very popular at that time, so Pritam created his 1st blog on Tech which was

This blog was created without any idea which could not run much and spread.

Then in 2010, Pritam started his 2nd blog.

Pritam was interested in money-making ideas and his blog name was which did not do much and also spread.

In 2011, Pritam started his 3rd blog

The title was excellent but Google penalized it.

Each of his blogs spread but he did not give up and continued to struggle.

His passion was for money-making, so he did a lot of research on this and prepared his final blog which became very al |

This blog has more than 8,00,000 members in 4 years and today they earn $ 1 million every month from blogging.

Pritam’s success is 3 P’s –

  • 1. Passion
  • 2. Patience
  • 3. Persistence

Pritam is also a very good public speaker.

Today, every new blogger likes to read them.

If you also want to know about online money making, then their blogs will do a great job for you.

Pritam Nagrale Blog: Moneyconnexion

Sharda Sharma

Top 10 Indian Bloggers
Sharda Sharma

Sharda Sharma is a woman blogger who has written her name in the blogging world with golden letters.

Sharda did her BA and then went to Ahmedabad to study MICA in Ahmedabad.

Sharda started working in the Times of India and after some time she left him and joined CNBC Mumbai.

She wanted to write about all the big businessmen, but no one gave her time.

But still, Sharda did not give up and kept on fighting.

In 2008, he started his blog YourStory and started writing about new startups and businessmen which became very popular.

Yourstory has over 70,000 success stories.

Sharda Sharma leads her team of more than 100.

The content of his blog is in 11 languages.

His blog has Global Alexa Rank 9,805 and Indian Alexa Rank 639.

Domain Authority 75/100 and Visitor more than 3.5 million per month.

Their earnings are more than $ 30,000 per month from Adsense.

Today, his blog traffic is more than 3.5 million per month.

There were a lot of ups and downs in this success, but it continued to struggle.

When professional difficulties were not enough, he lost his mother in the front.

If you want to do business or start a startup, you can visit their blog.

Sharda Sharma Blog: YourStory

Arun Prabhudesai

Top 10 Indian Bloggers
Arun Prabhudesai

Arun Prabhudesai is a very settled person.

He is a very good blogger.

His blog is a blog that has developed quite well.

Arun Prabhudesai has a whole team that helps him in his blogging.

Now his blog has become a multi-author and diverse news and opinion site.

In his blog, we get to know about new business trends, entrepreneurship, and startups in India.

Because they like it all.

Apart from this, they also pay their attention to politics, the stock market, the latest developments in the finance field, etc., because they like it all.

Arun is a creative person.

He also loves photography very much.

Arun spends 12 – 14 hours of his entire day at the computer.

Out of which 8 hours are spent for the rest of their work either in reading and writing blogs or with their family.

His blog is on the news and opinion site.

This blog was started on 1 May 2007.

The focus of this blog is Indian business and startup.

There is a lot of information about them which is interesting.

His blog has Global Alexa Rank 66,802 and Indian Alexa Rank 4,253.

The domain authority is 62/100 and more than 3 lakh visitors every month.

Arun Prabhudesai earns about $ 10,000 from Adsense and paid ads from his blog.

Arun Prabhudesai Blog:

Nandini Shenoy

Top 10 Indian Bloggers
Nandini Shenoy

Nandini Shenoy is a very good entrepreneur and blogger.

She grew up in a very talented family.

His family has very talented engineers.

Nandini hails from Mangalore and completed her schooling here.

After completing her schooling, Nandini moved from NITK Karnataka to study engineer.

Nandini went to America to pursue a master’s degree in ECE from Rutgers University.

In 2004, Nandini worked as a software engineer at Microsoft Redmond.

Nandini was very interested in Bollywood, films, etc.

He loved to read Filmfare etc.

She loved her work at Microsoft.

But in 2007 he thought that a blog should be created.

As if he had a lot of interest in films etc. Nandini started a blog called Pinkvilla.

Then she was in America and there was a limited supply of Bollywood magazines etc.

Given this, Nandini created a new blog on Bollywood’s gossips.

The name of that blog was Pinkvilla.

Anyone could join it and write a post.

This blog became a very famous Bollywood Gossip blog.

Pinkvilla spread rapidly among people who like Bollywood around the world.

Due to Pinkvilla, Nandini Shenoy became a brand name.

If you want to know more about Nandini Shenoy, then definitely visit her blog.

For women, there can be no greater inspiration than this.

Nandini Shenoy Blog: Pinkvilla

Anand Khanse

Top 10 Indian Bloggers
Anand Khans

Anand khans is a Windows Tech Blogger.
His age is 55 years.
The world of blogging is a unique place, there is no discrimination of any kind, if you research very well and write a blog then people read your blog so that you can become a great blogger.
People make you a celebrity because of your blog.
Many bloggers are very famous today due to their blog. Anand khans started blogging at the age of 55.
His blog Thewindowsclub is a good information blog for people. With which people get to learn a lot of new things, Anand khans has worked in a big company like Microsoft, so he has a deep knowledge of Windows.
He loves blogging very much.
Blogging career is very enjoyable and enjoyable, one who gets used to it always sees himself as a blogger.
Anand is a blogger as well as a very good and skilled entrepreneur. In his blog Thewindowsclub, Anand explains tips and tricks, etc. about Windows, so that people who use Windows get a lot of benefits. He has kept his blog very simple, in which all information related to Windows is available.
If you are also a Windows user, then please visit their blog once.

Anand Khans Blog: TheWindowsClub

Abhijeet Mukherjee

Top 10 Indian Bloggers
Abhijeet Mukherjee

Abhijeet Mukherjee is a very good tech blogger.
He writes a blog on new technology.
Content on personal technology is found in his blogs.
Abhijeet Mukherjee informs people about new technology and gadgets through his blog and this helps people in shopping for gadgets etc.
His blog is an evergreen content site, where technical information is available at all times.
Abhijeet Mukherjee never went to college.
He has graduated through correspondence.
Abhijeet has also worked in call centers and used to solve technical problems on people’s phones and that is why he came to blogging.
He knew how to write and wanted to do something on the Internet, so Abhijeet started blogging and created a tech blog named Guiding Tech.
Creating and maintaining a blog are very different meanings in each other. Abhijeet did not look back after starting his blog and moved forward in blogging.
Blogging a career is not easy, here every day something new is needed. Abhijeet Mukherjee is a blogger as well as a perfect entrepreneur.
If anyone has to buy a new gadget, then he trusts Guiding Tech only.
If you also have a technical problem, then you can visit their blog Guiding Tech.

Abhijeet Mukherjee Blog: GuidingTech

Navrattan Singh

Top 10 Indian Bloggers
Navrattan Singh

Navaratna Singh is a young blogger and is only 20 years of age.
Navratna is a very good tech blogger and digital marketer.
Navratna gives reviews and other information related to tech in his blogs.
Navaratna Singh lives in Adampur in Hisar district of Haryana.
He is now doing full-time in digital marketing.
In India, people have a lot of problems in English and they do not read English. But people need to know about technology and keeping this in mind, Navratna has decided to write all his blogs in Hindi. So that people can get information related to technology in Hindi.
He is an emerging blogger right now and is confident that his name will become a brand name in the coming years.
If you also want information related to technology in Hindi then definitely visit their blog.

Navrattan Singh Blog: TheTechGenious


In conclusion, we can say that blogging is a way that can make every person a brand and can be very famous.
Whatever we have given you information of 10 bloggers, they are all very good bloggers.

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