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Today is the time of digital marketing and the graph of digital marketing is increasing rapidly.
People are now turning to online marketing, except offline marketing.

In all of these, the craze of video marketing is also increasing a lot.
Video marketing is dominated not only on Facebook, Instagram but also in other areas.
The largest video platform is YouTube.

YouTube is the second largest search engine platform after Google, where millions of people watch videos every day.
Today we will give information about those 10 YouTube channels of digital marketing and YouTuber which are teaching digital marketing to people for free through YouTube and that too in the Hindi language.

There is a very big figure inside India who does not know English but they know Hindi and in view of this, there are some YouTubers who teach digital marketing in Hindi.
So let’s start

Top 10 Hindi YouTuber in Digital Marketing

List of Top 10 Hindi Youtuber In Digital Marketing

  1. Satish Kushwaha
  2. Sourabh Bhatnagar
  3. Rahul Bhatnagar
  4. Sorav Jain
  5. Dinesh Jangid
  6. WsCubetech – Mortar Skill
  7. Intellectual Indies – Sahil Khanna
  8. Techno Vedant – Vedant
  9. Praveen Dilliwala
  10. Digital Dhairya

Full Bio of Hindi YouTubers in Digital Marketing

Today we will learn about all those Hindi Youtubers who teach people about digital marketing through their channel and motivate people about digital marketing.

1. Satish Kushwaha

Hindi Youtuber In Digital Marketing
Satish K Videos

Satish Kushwaha is an Indian blogger and YouTuber.
He was born on 27 September 1994 in Deoria village in Uttar Pradesh, India.
26 years old (as of 2020) Satish is a popular tech blogger and YouTuber.

They have 2 channels and millions of people like them very much.
His father’s name is Harigovind Kushwaha.
He has done engineering with computer science.
They earn Rs 2-5 lakhs per month.

In 2010, Satish graduated from Axis College Kanpur.
He then came to Mumbai on 28 June 2016 and started working there.
When Satish came to Mumbai, he had only 600 subscribers on YouTube.
At that time he felt that he should work on YouTube itself.

In April 2016, Satish earned his first income of $ 125 through his blog from Adsense.
Satish was about to leave his YouTube but a video titled “India vs Pakistan” went viral, which changed his mind.
Another video of him also went viral titled Jio vs Airtel vs Vodafone.

On 14 April 2018, with 1 lakh subscribers on his channel, he received a silver play button from YouTube.
When Satish started his first channel, he used to shoot with Nikon D1500 but now he shoots with Canon 200D.
He uses Boya’s mic to record audio.

Satish has also shot an inspiring rap song titled “UP Ka Himmatwala” sung by Abby Viral.
Today Satish takes interviews of all those who make money from digital marketing.

He is number 1 in Top 10 Hindi Youtuber in Digital Marketing

2. Sourabh Bhatnagar

Hindi Youtuber In Digital Marketing
Sourabh Bhatnagar

Saurabh Bhatnagar is a great digital marketer and Facebook Ads, expert.
He helps individuals and businesses increase their revenue by using online and internet marketing by helping them get more customers.
Saurabh is the founder of several SAAS businesses and is the world’s best online / internet business development strategist.

He is also a Facebook Ads expert.
He cited several businesses that hit revenue figures of 6-7.
Saurabh has developed his unique proprietary “TFP formula” which he uses to generate online profits and revenue.
And this is the reason behind Facebook’s highest ROI advertising campaigns and automated business funnels with the highest conversion numbers.

This Formula 3 is based on a direct relationship between the most important online trading assets, namely “Targeted Traffic”, “Seamless Funnel” and “Automatic Profit”.
This is the “TFP formula” that he calls or can make or break any online business and is the reason behind the success of many businesses that he has advised.
Due to his advice, many businessmen are making huge profits today.

Their YouTube channel is one such channel on which we are taught about Facebook Marketing, Facebook Ads Marketing, etc.
He is liked a lot by many people, especially businessmen.
Individuals and businesses were approached by Saurabh through his software, intensive coaching programs, keynote speeches, and free masterclass videos.

If you also want to know what is the importance of Facebook in digital marketing, then you must subscribe to their channel.

He is number 2 in Top 10 Hindi Youtuber in Digital Marketing

3. Rahul Bhatnagar

Hindi Youtuber In Digital Marketing
Rahul Bhatnagar

Rahul Bhatnagar is a digital marketing guru.
She is a great entrepreneur.
For the last 12 years, he is a public chairman and a director and co-founder of two private limited companies.
In 2012, Rahul launched his first major entrepreneurial venture, Uprist Service Portal Pvt Ltd (USP), a successful startup based on the brand’s offline and online marketing.

Rahul is an entrepreneur, TEDx, Josh talks and a professional speaker and mentor.
1500+ seminars (online and offline) and are the only digital marketer to change the lives of more than 2 million people who teach people about digital marketing in a good way.
Videos related to sales strategy, entrepreneurship, motivation, speech, communication skills, etc. are available on their YouTube channel.

Their aim is to make more and more people entrepreneurs.
Students taught by Rahul have been placed in big companies like Infosys, Wipro, LG, etc.
Rahul has given 50 official speeches for 50 consecutive days in different cities and has made a record of giving 50 official speeches in 50 consecutive days.

Rahul has worked with more than 150 brands.
Rahul Bhatnagar’s company’s case study is taught to management students.
Rahul makes YouTube and blogs and it is very popular on Tiktok too. If you want to know more about them or learn digital marketing from them, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel.

He is number 3 in Top 10 Hindi Youtuber in Digital Marketing

4. Sorav Jain

Hindi Youtuber In Digital Marketing
Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is a digital and social media marketing consultant, trainer, entrepreneur, writer, and a great speaker.
He is also a very good YouTuber and his channel has more than 65 thousand subscribers who like him.
Sorav started his career at the age of 17 and has around 10+ years of digital marketing industry experience.

Sorav Speechheads EcoVME, a self-funded organization, aims to provide state-of-the-art digital and social media marketing skills and expertise when it is recognized as ‘The Best Digital and Social Media Agency of 2016’ by the South Asian Partnership Summit Was obtained

He has worked with many brands which are as follows –
Bosch India, Adityaram, Origin Learning, Oliva Clinic, Wink, Apollo White Dental, Ramco Systems, Urban Tree, Infinithim, Wedge Planet are on the list of EcoVME.

Sourav has learned from many places like –
Bosch India, Ramco Systems, Communicate India, TE Connectivity, etc.

Sourav has also written a book called –
Social Media for Business – Story of Indian Brands
If you also want to know well about digital marketing, then subscribe to their YouTube channel.

He is number 4 in Top 10 Hindi Youtuber in Digital Marketing

5. Dinesh Jangid

Hindi Youtuber In Digital Marketing
Dinesh Jangid

Dinesh Jangid is the best popular Hindi YouTuber in digital marketing.
Dinesh Jangid was born on 5 September 1992 in Rajasthan, India.
He was educated at the Government Senior Secondary School in Rajasthan.
Dinesh completed his graduation in BTech from RTU Kotta College.

Now, Dinesh Jangid is an entrepreneur and certified digital marketer trainer.
He runs his institute in Hisar, namely HSDM, Haryana School of Digital Marketing.
Dinesh Jangid is also known as a content creator and one more thing you guys have to follow Dinesh Jangid on Instagram.
Dinesh Jangid provides valuable content on his Instagram, named @iamdineshjangid you guys don’t forget to follow this guy.

Dinesh Jangid has a Youtube channel and is active on this channel.
On this Youtube channel, you guys found amazing content about digital marketing.
Do check out your Youtube channel, named Dinesh Jangid.
Dinesh Jangid gives digital knowledge through his YouTube channel to all those who are either students who have an interest in digital marketing or any businessman who wants to take his business online.
He has uploaded a lot about digital marketing on his channel.

On his channel, we can easily understand things like TikTok Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.
His videos rank like other YouTubers not just because of the subscribers but because of the keywords they put up.
If you will only write Tiktok Ads in the search box of YouTube, then you will get their first video.
If you want to learn digital marketing for free, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel.

He is number 5 in Top 10 Hindi Youtuber in Digital Marketing

6. WsCubetech – Mortar Skil

Hindi Youtuber In Digital Marketing
WsCubetech – Mortar Skil

Mortar Skill is a very good Hindi Youtuber and he teaches digital marketing to people in Hindi through video.

Let us first know about his company –
WsCube Tech was founded in 2010.
It was founded with the objective of becoming the fastest growing offshore outsourcing company that will help its customers grow at a rapid pace. At WsCube Tech, they offer a business solution in which customers can get their work done at affordable limits.
Their online business solutions are offered to business enterprises around the world.

It is a highly specialized website development company offering state-of-the-art web development services.
They provide superior customer service to their broad base of customers.
Their business-driven approach sets us apart from typical web design companies.
For the last five years, he has built a reputation for creating a positive return on investment for his clients.

Now if you talk about their YouTube channel, then their YouTube is full of videos of digital marketing.
The method of learning of mortar skills is the best of all the Youtuber
Anyone who watches their video once starts following them.

You will not believe that today YouTube is the first channel to learn digital marketing in the Hindi language.
If you do not believe you can experience this.
If you want to learn digital marketing very well and that too in the Hindi language, then there are no good YouTube channels for you from WsCube Tech.

He is number 6 in Top 10 Hindi Youtuber in Digital Marketing

7. Intellectual Indies – Sahil Khanna

Hindi Youtuber In Digital Marketing
Intellectual Indies – Sahil Khanna

Sahil Khanna is a graphics designer, digital marketer, and web designer.
He has a digital marketing company called Laps and also has two successful YouTube channels.
Sahil creates terrific, effective and visual designs for his clients. Today we will talk about Sahil Khanna’s life and YouTube channel.

Sahil was born into a Punjabi family.
He completed his undergraduate studies in Chemical Engineering after completing his school life and also completed his MBA in business.
Sahil completes PGDM in marketing and international trade.
He is also certified in Digital Marketing and International Business.

He joins his father’s family business after completing his B-Tech in chemical engineering.

Sahil has many skillful skills like –
Google Adwords,
Google Analytics,
Business valuation,
Content marketing,
Foundation of Video,

Currently, they have 2 YouTube channels, Intellectual Indies and Sahil Khanna. In his channel
Uploading videos like a case study, Motivational, HTML, CSS, SEO, SMM and more.

Sahil starts his YouTube channel Intellectual Indies on 1 January 2017 and currently gets around 11,692,775+ views.
He has 272,188 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

He starts his second blogging channel Sahil Khanna on September 7 in the year 2017 and currently gets 5,318 subscribers and 378,898 views on his channel Sahil Khanna.
If you want to learn about new case studies or digital marketing, you can subscribe to their channels.

He is number 7 in Top 10 Hindi Youtuber in Digital Marketing

8. Techno Vedant – Vedant

Hindi Youtuber In Digital Marketing
Techno Vedant – Vedant

Now, we will talk about a YouTuber who through his YouTube channel has helped a lot of students related to new topics and keywords related to digital marketing.
His name is Vedanta and his channel name is Techno Vedanta.

So let’s know about him and his channel –
Techno Vedanta is a YouTube channel for free tips as well as tutorials about tricks, Android OS, iOS, YouTube, SEO, and computers.
His videos are very helpful for those who have an interest in technology and computers.
Vedanta was very fond of making videos and sharing his knowledge with others.
Therefore, he is one of the fastest-growing YouTubers in India. Techno Vedanta YouTube channel has more than 115K subscribers since the channel was created 2 years ago.
His real name is Vedanta Malhotra and is a professional YouTuber and digital marketer.
He is also a website with good Google rankings as well as an Amazon page.

Techno Vedanta Youtube channel was created on March 13, 2017.
The channel has over 115K subscribers and nearly double the viewership on their maximum videos.
According to sources, we have come to know that the channel has more than 500 uploaded videos.
The channel has different playlists.
Such as Blogger Tips & Tricks, Low Competition Keywords, SEO Tips & Tricks, Website Development Tips, Tech News Latest Videos, Ad Campaign, Backlink Building, Android, iOS, Mac OS, Playstore Updates, and more.

In addition to a successful YouTube channel, he is also running a successful website. Techno Vedanta’s website has been ranked 69K in the Alexa ranking list.
Apart from this, they have different pages about social media, Adsense, Godaddy, Apple, SEO tips, scripts, Jio, Playstore, etc.
Their language is easy to understand, as well as expressing their way of explaining it is much better than many others.
Their YouTube channel can discover many things you want to know.
Ads by Google are the main source of earnings through his blog.
If you want a new keyword idea or anything related to it, then you can subscribe to their channel.

He is number 8 in Top 10 Hindi Youtuber in Digital Marketing

9. Praveen Dilliwala

Hindi Youtuber In Digital Marketing
Praveen Dilliwala

Now we will learn about a young digital marketer who has created a very good and very big YouTube channel in a very short time.
His name is Praveen and his channel name is Praveen Delhiwala.
Through their channel, they train students to businessmen and other people.
Every video of him has something special and he likes to watch.

Let’s know about his channel –
”Praveen Dilliwala” Channel is a youth-oriented channel where you will find videos related to, opinion, education, jobs, motivational, interesting facts and also Praveen shares his experiences with these things.
Their purpose is to provide unbiased and correct information so that you make an informed decision.
People get the solution of problems in their videos because all their videos are problem-solving.
If you also want to solve any of your digital problems, then subscribe to their channels.

He is number 9 in Top 10 Hindi Youtuber in Digital Marketing

10. Digital Dhairya

Hindi Youtuber In Digital Marketing
Digital Dhairya

Digital Patience is a very good Hindi Youtuber and teaches digital marketing in the Hindi language to the people for free.
Before knowing about his YouTube, he gets to know some things about who he is and what he does.

Patience is a Digital Marketing Consultant from Meerut, India.
His full name is Dhir Singh Chauhan.
He is also a writer, president, and trainer in the field of digital marketing.
Patience is a very good time and this is reflected in his videos on YouTube.
Patience has done some business projects as an entrepreneur.
He founded LifeArt4All which is India’s No.1 Motivational Portal.

He has 2+ years of experience in digital marketing.
He is passionate about inbound marketing, SEO, web analytics, web usability, and conversion rate optimization.
About 35,000 people follow him on his channel right now because they make very good videos and that too in Hindi.

They are also very active on Instagram and most of their videos are on Instagram or other social media.
If you want to learn how to customize your social media accounts or use them for marketing properly, you can subscribe to their channels.

He is number 10 in Top 10 Hindi Youtuber in Digital Marketing


Today we have talked about the top 10 Hindi Youtuber of all digital marketing, they are all those Youtuber who focus only on learning all the time.
If anyone wants to learn digital marketing, then everyone gives priority to YouTube because there is no lie there and if it happens then it is not able to run for long.
To conclude, I would just like to say that if you want to learn, it does not matter whether you know English or not.
You can also learn everything that the English people are learning in Hindi.

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