Canva Photo Editor 2020
Create Photos in high qualities

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I have brought Shubham Soni to you, a blog post in which I will tell you about an image editor canva.

People have a lot of difficulty in creating images and today we have come up with a solution to this problem.

We will tell you about this canva editor step by step.

So let’s start.

Step – By – Step Canva Photo Editor 2020

1. First of all, search in Google’s search box, and click enter.

A new page will open in front of you which will be the home page of

You can search for it in any browser.

2. After the home page is open, sign it up with your email ID.

And open your account in it so that you can get access permission for free.

Canva Photo Editor 2020

3. After Sign Up, click Create Design Foot and do whatever you want to design.

For example, if you want to create a YouTube thumbnail, search for it.

Canva Photo Editor 2020
Canva Photo Editor 2020

4. If you search in the other search bar, you will find some templates in which if you like something, select it or else select BLANK.

Canva Photo Editor 2020

5. Now a new tab will open in which you have to edit according to your choice.

In this, you get some options which are as follows –

  • Templates – Search new template for your image
  • Photos – Search new photos for image
  • Elements – Add new different elements and stickers
  • Text – New text add
  • Videos – New videos add
  • Background – Select your image background
  • Uploads – Upload new file like image, video
  • Folders – Folder is paid
  • More – More options add like Youtube video, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
Canva Photo Editor 2020

Tutorial Information

If you do not understand this, then you can watch this video.
If you still have any problem then you can contact us.
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In conclusion, we can say that Canva is the best website or tool for creating and editing photos.

Canva Photo Editor 2020 Tutorial

Canva Photo Editor 2020 Step by Step Information

Canva Photo Editor 2020 Use